The less-The Better

Living a life filled with several elements of luxury. My attention was captured by a little girl making the best use of her vocal chords to call the balloon man. Time around 5 : 30 pm, impatient for her happy hours, precisely the sole source of an exquisite, deeply craved fantasy-THE BALLOON.Then vigorously making a sought after choice of dimensions and colors, she choses the big yellow round shaped balloon. Noticing her seamless euphoria I was reminded of my own childhood when I used to recklessly use my meagre pocket money for the wafer pack to explore the surprise gift it beheld. Wow! words are trivial for the emotional rush of happiness I used to get, incomparable to the possession of an iPhone 6.
Sadly, now the times have taken a sharp turn. And going back seems difficult.

The lesser, the better.The more, the complicated.

Now there is an Esbeda handbag, nine west wedges, a MAC lipstick, Burberry perfume and so much to count for LUXURY. However, there is something which holds me back, something that accounts for several insomniac nights, something that is BADLY MISSING! !
Money can buy any commodity exclusive of Happiness. It can buy you a sultry long drive in your BMW,  a friend will add pleasure to it. It can buy you your favorite ice cream from Basken Robbins, only a companion will add sweetness to it. It can buy you the latest iPhone, only a family to call will make it to use. It can buy you the best of everything but freinds, family and your better halves add the charm to it.
So let’s treasure the cheap samosa at our college canteen with friends, a festival with family and a small love note to your better half.
For such memories are PRICELESS. Savour every moment you get with your loved one’s. There’s no rewind option in life.

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