Blooming Bhopal


                The Upper lake

Scintillating,spectacular,serene is It’s beauty.
Illuminating,incandescent,  invigorating are It’s people.
Talking of a place residing in the heart of India.
The city of lakes, the city of nawabs,
I call it my hometown,others call it BHOPAL.

Panoramic beauty,picturesque territory,
Binding us all to its unfading prosperity.
Engulfing all seasons,elucidating all expressions.
Winning many hearts through unspoken emotions.

Creeping into It’s old city,flamboyance widespread.
Where lights,life,love and warmth tends.
Colors,sounds and the spirit to carry on,
I call it the city’s heart,the energy it imparts can never be torn.

Bhopal has been through several thicks and thins.
From an aphotic locus to now a shining star.
There were times it didn’t knew globalization,
International brands are now in manifestation.

From Soorma bhopali to the aristocrats.
The people are captivating,their zeal never fails.
Dense forests,tall buildings,recreation hotspots and real estates,
Exquisite cuisine,vivacious people, spicy life prevails.

Bhopal talks to me in a language that I know.
Born,brought up and bound to It’s blissful flow.
It’s every road,every alley in my heart I corner,
Enrapturing aura, It’s fervor shall never falter.



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