Final Edge at College


As a final year student of my college, I with all my batchmates from various streams keenly awaited the

The Life Turner Event. Or call it

The campus recruitment!

As products of one of the leading universities, naturally there existed pressure to get placed in some top notch company. This is the time when the fine blend of academics, extra curricular and confidence makes one win the hamper.

It was Monday morning. Like every other day @ college, I was chitchatting with my friend. Oblivious of what was about to shuttle me into calendar days counting, grabbing the quantitative aptitude books, polishing my reasoning skills and most of all compiling my resume in the neatest, the most convincing way possible. We had 7 days at our disposal for the on campus recruitment in Tata Consultancy Services. To polish all domains ranging from programming, subjective concepts, projects, aptitude, verbal and non verbal reasoning and the best of communication skills.
Luckily, I had to converge my focus only towards the technical aspects. Rest I was much blessed at 🙂
Navigating through the pre campus training, I felt a surge of confidence. My standing in terms of competence was much, much high. Everywhere the hullabaloo of registrations and documents. I with my friend made our way to the first round, to put it better The Elimination Round.

Day- 1.
lt was until dusk that our turn hadn’t come. After much restless waiting, we entered the hall. Making the best possible use of our spontaneity and problem solving tactics, we quickly finished it off. Lethargic we returned home. No one could sleep untill our phones beeped with the e-mail notification. It was not just a pdf listing names . It was a certificate of who TCS finds worth at the very basic of skills. Being the star performer of my department I had to be selected at any cost. Glancing across names. Impatient to read mine. Fingers crossed. I ,breathtakingly encountered my name at the 9th position from the end. But it was painful to see my friend’s name missing. Dealing with this awkward situation I moved on.

Day-2. The Interview Rounds.
This comprised of :
1. Technical round (the trickiest)
2. Management round (quite easy)
3. HR round (a cakewalk)

The technical round
Waiting outside my interview panel, I let my mind relax. Hushed all the butterflies in my stomach, reconciling the important key theories of my domain subjects, picturing my entry into the panel, strategizing my how-to-be-at-the best agenda, I heard my name being called. As a part of the stimuli-response protocol, I stood abruptly, holding my documents folder, took a deep breath and entered the gates of the panel.
There I saw two middle aged men. One with a laptop, other with a pen and some papers at his side. Composing my poise, I greeted them. They asked me to sit. I sat with my shoulders straight. Back stiff. Hands resting upon my folder. Folder lying on the only piece of furniture segregating me and the interviewers. I was asked for my introduction. Precise and clear my response was. As we proceeded towards the end I was questioned incessantly on all projects I took up in my life pertaining to Computer Science. Mentioning my interests and forte, confidently answering each question,  I could sense a sparkle of positivity in their eyes.
My throat was as dry as having been deprived of fluids from many days. So,  the first thing I did was to drink water.
It was around 4 hours later, that results were announced. We were told that this was a combination of the technical plus Management.
hungry and exasperated, I heard my name again. I cleared this round too. As an aftermath, my optimism brought into me a new vigor.

My interviewer was a lady aged in her late 20s. This round was all mine. To every question, my answers had put the lady into inquisition. I expressed my views on why-to-selflessly-help-friends philosophy, how to deal with hypocrites, realities of a lonesome life, diary writing, poetry and my objectives in life.
Her last words assured me of my selection.
”I hope that you are selected Maryam”.

The FINAL results were disclosed at 1 pm. My name was the first to be announced. Ecstatic, Euphoric, Exultant.
I  was employed. Now a part of the TCS group! 
At the end of the most unpredictable night of my life I will receive the appellation of  “ASSISTANT SOFTWARE ENGINEER”.
Another BROWNIE POINT of my life.

Summarising, I say- Mine is not an overnight success story, it’s a message to grow slowly and steadily with time, powering through determination and taking a plunge towards fulfilling your passion.

Sky is the limit!

4 thoughts on “Final Edge at College

  1. Its always nice to pen down such memories.. they will stay forever young! 🙂 good one!


  2. Miss Maqsood says:

    Congragulationss Maryammm!!

    Liked by 1 person

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