“Arranged Marriage”

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Roses & Thorns


There was a girl unknown in town
Her face placid like a sea
A passionate dreamer was she.

Girls of her age stayed in vogue
Dislike their snob
Moon and stars got her heart throb.

She loved to walk the fields
But they had roses and thorns
Clarity of her choices never made her torn.

Plucking a few roses that captured her heart
Scent, tender petals made them pretty
Thorns lawfully reduced it’s beauty.

Aiming to reach the mountain ahead
To stand at it’s peak
To feel the happiness streak.

Lost in her dreams
She continued her steps
A thorn in her finger crept

It bled, it pained
But she kept her foot firm
To reach her aim, she had to be mum.

A warrior who fights
Wars of emotions unspoken
Injury on her finger was easily forgotten.

Her garden of life
Where she was taking a walk
Had little roses more thorns in stock.

Trained she was
To feel their pain
To reach her dream she would bear the strain.

The moon smiled at her
The stars narrated her tales
The majesty of her hopes would never let her fail.

Her walk is long
The mountain is far
Roses are less, thorns amass.

Life is a garden
Roses are happiness, thorns are painful treads
The dream is to reach for the mountain ahead.

# A Striver
# who believes
# Zindagi Gulzar Hai!!



Waves upstream
Waves downstream.
Flash all paradigms of life
To rise high
To fall deep.
To feel the air
To sink in earth.
To reach new hieghts
To steep over lows.
To fly in sky
To crawl on earth.
To come
To go.
To be strong
To be feeble.
To be
To be not.
To be this
To be that.
To move
To stop.
To be a friend
To be a foe.
To be loud
To be gentle.
To roar
To whisper.
To be an omen
To be sign less.
To be colorful
To be black and white.
To laugh
To cry.
To be rugged
To be delicate.
To obey
To defy.
To share
To stinge.
To be static
To be dynamic.
To love
To loathe.
To be beautiful
To be ugly.
To try
To quit.
To suceed
To fail.
To inhale
To exhale.
To live
To die.
That’s Life.
Ocean of waves
Of all kinds.

My Rock

”Dedicated to My only Brother who is my rock. Keeps me sturdy, zealous  and unscathed”


Like a tiny bundle of joy
I came in your life.
Becoming your toy
Bringing you smiles.

As a toddler I crawled into your feet
Holding your legs ,trying to stand.
Entertaining you by my feats
Cracking smiles and joyous memories. 

As a younger sister
I was always pampered.
As an elder brother
You were always bothered.

You have seen me
Taking my first footstep.
You have seen
My first birthday bash.

You brought me
My first teddy bear.
You brought me
My first laughter.

You fought for me
And hid my faults.
You protected me
From dangers of all sorts.

Standing strong
When I was alone.
Standing tall
When sadness to me was flown.

Solving my mathematics problems
Writing my English essays.
Teaching me learning skills
Mentoring me in just the perfect way.

My non stop demands
Your unceased fulfilment.
My sulk for this and that
Your efforts to grant me all.

Sometimes I think
You are a superhero diguised as my brother.
Sometimes I think
I am the luckiest sister.

How can I forget the day?
when you raised your voice in favor of me.
How can I forget the day?
When you promised you’d bring the best in the world for me.

I ask myself
I must be different.
I ask myself
I must be really special.

Pure love comes with a twist
The shift into sibling rivalry.
fighting over small silly things
Sobbing and shouting amidst.

Tearing away the monochromatic life
Indulging into the rainbow of life.
Our adventurous evenings and pranks
Your maneuvered magic tricks ,endless fun to stand.

Wounded I returned home
You hurried to get me toned.
Your father-like counselling
That world is not a place to mourn.

One day you left for fulfilling life’s chores
Geographically distant but emotionally close
Holding your responsibilities from far you chose.

Each time you came home
Brought me gamut of gifts.
Ecstatic I’d be
Relishing with plentiful tids.

Now as a grownup young lady
I look up at you with respect.
You complete the meaning of HOME
You bring warmth in the core.

Today we might not be so close
Embellishment of childhood memories and fun ashore.
All that is still in my heart
You are my adorable brother.

Life is a little jerky
Reactions may change
Emotions however remain the same

I miss you Brother
I thank God to have exalted me with you.
I’ll be strong, I’ll live a good life
With all that you taught.

Living a Dream

This whole week or probably a little more, had been one big time FUN. It was a cousin’s wedding. The pre and post wedding events kept me so occupied. Perhaps, leaving no time for any sleep. During this whole period, I understood something beautiful- The purity of this bond called  Marriage. It is enchanting to think for myself , getting into the same bond with someone,someday. My HERO. All of this made me summarise my feelings here.


I  dream of a day
The best day of my life.
Profoundly indulging my senses
For the most memorable day of my life.

When we will tie bonds of tender love
And caress the sweet laden memories.
The grandeur of your presence will suffice all my life.

My svelte existence clad in a beautiful red
Golden necklace adorning my petite neck.
Lips in light pink and fingers with pretty rings.
Long black hair shimmering as silk.

My palms decorated with henna.
Its color dark and defining.
Upto me elbow the design follows
My subsistence will always keep shining.

My eyes lowered
I’ll wait for you
To have you by my side
Rekindling my sentiments for you.

I promise to be your’s forever
My life in this world and hereafter.
I’ll be your soulmate
My undying love will be your shelter.

The curls of my hair bouncing around my back
My eyes in delirium
Will gaze at the softness of your commitment

Trinkets in my ears will dance with my moves
Red bangles melodiously calling you.
Multicolour their appearance
To add subtlety to my feelings

That day I will  tell you
How much I loved you.
That I veiled myself from every eye
For this day that my beauty is for you.

Illuminating my soul
For the King of My Dreams
I had never let my being into flaunt
For I am yours, and only your’s.

The chastity of my emotions
Will fuel our togetherness.
You will be my life
My soul, my love, my happiness.

I’ll be quiet
My eyes will speak.
I’ll love you sincerely
I’ll be true to your being.

Coverting myself in you
From the breaches of life.
You’ll be my wall
Protecting from all sides.

I think I know you
Vaguely from my dreams.
Destiny will make us meet someday
A heart throb would feel.

That day will be special
Bringing solemnity of our love
And Trueness of our beings
Two bodies, one soul to keep.

Hand in hand
Walking the path called Life.
We will build a nest of Love,call it home
Where cordiality shall reside.

So much I pondered of you
In long starry nights.
To watch the sky together
And feel our warmth.

To silently whisper
Cuddling the togetherness
You will utter
The passion of love.

All my dreams
Set for future.
When I find my man
A marvellous marriage to occur.

I foresee, a life with him
Who will make me complete.
Yes I am a dreamer
And I dream of a face unseen.

But I believe in the sanctity of Marriage
Showered upon with grace of God.
Welcoming an eternal relationship
Collecting blessings from the Almighty.


Unfound Love


Friends promised to stay
Unfulfilled, forgotten were their words I say.
But he will be their in my thick and thin,
He will be my rock forever to stay.

Defeated I have been by few,
Now i wait for him, to bring sunshine of love
And remove the misty dew.

Nothing would compare to his commitment,
His overwhelming presence,
His soothing words.
The scent of his love will fill my life,
Erasing my scars and all strifes.

Lamenting in dark nights,
When will u come?
To become my knight.
Take me far and kill my pain,
No more can I now bear the strain.

The moon, stars and sky will smile at us, 
In Flowery fragrant of love we will indulge.
My first true friend he will be
For my soulmate,  my strength will be in thee.      

We will hold hands forever,
Never to part, in love to shelter.
My strength will never falter,
Our love shall only prosper.

Our promises firm as the last verdict,
Life’s journey we will walk together.
Gliding across the many phases,
We will stay close,  until death chases.

Filling all voids with our vigorous love,
Never to repent, pain shall shove.
Implicit communication to be,
My eyes powered for the message of thee.

Lonesome is my every single day,
Little happiness comes to stay.
Though, not in reality have we met,
In your wait, my dreamland is all set.

I have faith in my Lord,
He will not fail my hope.
One day, I will meet him,
Love, love and love will fill the space.

Mornings will come with a delightful surprise,
From a beautiful dream to a charming reality.
The song of love we will sing together,
Dancing on our love tunes, memories we will gather.

Days turning into months, months to years,
No metric for my painful solitude.
Your face I have seen once in my dream,
Satiated , blissful I was with no seam.

Enough I have dreamt of you in my blue hours,
Come in my life and fill your color.
Calling with my heart, calling you loud,
My unfound love to be found.