Unfound Love


Friends promised to stay
Unfulfilled, forgotten were their words I say.
But he will be their in my thick and thin,
He will be my rock forever to stay.

Defeated I have been by few,
Now i wait for him, to bring sunshine of love
And remove the misty dew.

Nothing would compare to his commitment,
His overwhelming presence,
His soothing words.
The scent of his love will fill my life,
Erasing my scars and all strifes.

Lamenting in dark nights,
When will u come?
To become my knight.
Take me far and kill my pain,
No more can I now bear the strain.

The moon, stars and sky will smile at us, 
In Flowery fragrant of love we will indulge.
My first true friend he will be
For my soulmate,  my strength will be in thee.      

We will hold hands forever,
Never to part, in love to shelter.
My strength will never falter,
Our love shall only prosper.

Our promises firm as the last verdict,
Life’s journey we will walk together.
Gliding across the many phases,
We will stay close,  until death chases.

Filling all voids with our vigorous love,
Never to repent, pain shall shove.
Implicit communication to be,
My eyes powered for the message of thee.

Lonesome is my every single day,
Little happiness comes to stay.
Though, not in reality have we met,
In your wait, my dreamland is all set.

I have faith in my Lord,
He will not fail my hope.
One day, I will meet him,
Love, love and love will fill the space.

Mornings will come with a delightful surprise,
From a beautiful dream to a charming reality.
The song of love we will sing together,
Dancing on our love tunes, memories we will gather.

Days turning into months, months to years,
No metric for my painful solitude.
Your face I have seen once in my dream,
Satiated , blissful I was with no seam.

Enough I have dreamt of you in my blue hours,
Come in my life and fill your color.
Calling with my heart, calling you loud,
My unfound love to be found.

2 thoughts on “Unfound Love

  1. rehmanjafar says:

    I loved it.Great 🙂


  2. ANooP says:

    Hope that someday comes soon 🙂 Good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

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