My Rock

”Dedicated to My only Brother who is my rock. Keeps me sturdy, zealous  and unscathed”


Like a tiny bundle of joy
I came in your life.
Becoming your toy
Bringing you smiles.

As a toddler I crawled into your feet
Holding your legs ,trying to stand.
Entertaining you by my feats
Cracking smiles and joyous memories. 

As a younger sister
I was always pampered.
As an elder brother
You were always bothered.

You have seen me
Taking my first footstep.
You have seen
My first birthday bash.

You brought me
My first teddy bear.
You brought me
My first laughter.

You fought for me
And hid my faults.
You protected me
From dangers of all sorts.

Standing strong
When I was alone.
Standing tall
When sadness to me was flown.

Solving my mathematics problems
Writing my English essays.
Teaching me learning skills
Mentoring me in just the perfect way.

My non stop demands
Your unceased fulfilment.
My sulk for this and that
Your efforts to grant me all.

Sometimes I think
You are a superhero diguised as my brother.
Sometimes I think
I am the luckiest sister.

How can I forget the day?
when you raised your voice in favor of me.
How can I forget the day?
When you promised you’d bring the best in the world for me.

I ask myself
I must be different.
I ask myself
I must be really special.

Pure love comes with a twist
The shift into sibling rivalry.
fighting over small silly things
Sobbing and shouting amidst.

Tearing away the monochromatic life
Indulging into the rainbow of life.
Our adventurous evenings and pranks
Your maneuvered magic tricks ,endless fun to stand.

Wounded I returned home
You hurried to get me toned.
Your father-like counselling
That world is not a place to mourn.

One day you left for fulfilling life’s chores
Geographically distant but emotionally close
Holding your responsibilities from far you chose.

Each time you came home
Brought me gamut of gifts.
Ecstatic I’d be
Relishing with plentiful tids.

Now as a grownup young lady
I look up at you with respect.
You complete the meaning of HOME
You bring warmth in the core.

Today we might not be so close
Embellishment of childhood memories and fun ashore.
All that is still in my heart
You are my adorable brother.

Life is a little jerky
Reactions may change
Emotions however remain the same

I miss you Brother
I thank God to have exalted me with you.
I’ll be strong, I’ll live a good life
With all that you taught.

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