Waves upstream
Waves downstream.
Flash all paradigms of life
To rise high
To fall deep.
To feel the air
To sink in earth.
To reach new hieghts
To steep over lows.
To fly in sky
To crawl on earth.
To come
To go.
To be strong
To be feeble.
To be
To be not.
To be this
To be that.
To move
To stop.
To be a friend
To be a foe.
To be loud
To be gentle.
To roar
To whisper.
To be an omen
To be sign less.
To be colorful
To be black and white.
To laugh
To cry.
To be rugged
To be delicate.
To obey
To defy.
To share
To stinge.
To be static
To be dynamic.
To love
To loathe.
To be beautiful
To be ugly.
To try
To quit.
To suceed
To fail.
To inhale
To exhale.
To live
To die.
That’s Life.
Ocean of waves
Of all kinds.

2 thoughts on “WAVES

  1. Akhiz says:

    Life expressed in the most intricate way, this poem has a mystical feeling oceans deep yet so simple. loved it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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