Mrs Amrita Tiwari- My Torchbearer

The glass of nostalgia reaches it’s brim and heavily overflows when i recall my 10th grade class teacher, Mrs Amrita Tiwari. 

Magical bird takes flight.

She gave me wings.

The 2007-2008 academic calendar marked the valorous historic period of my life. If i write a book on it. I’d name it “101 shades of My Life”. I was not walking then, i was running in fact galloping faster than time. Reaching for everything that my eyes could see. Fearless my soul. Gallant my spirits.

My motto was-

Get Guts. Get Glory.

Among those numerous strands, my moments with Mrs Amrita rank highest. Every conversation that we had is anchored to my consciousness. Even those non-verbal ones when she was pleased/displeased with me, perch upon the very center of my brain. Do you wonder, why so? I’ll tell you. This woman overlooked the outer shell of my rough appearance and touched the right chords. Tuned to the right frequency. Calibrated the scales and played a music to me that was hypnotizing. And lost i was in it’s melody, it sent me on a voyage which helped me identify my potentials that were lying idle. She dug out the real person in me. I have heard, love has a lot of power. With her, i saw, how powerfully transforming, the effects of love can be.

Once,  she said to me, “The greatest gift a student can give to their teachers is by studying well, flaring with flying colors”. After an enormous gap of 8 big years, i stand with my education completed(hopefully 😉 Unless, i decide to go for PhD), I achieved a blissful 10 sgpa in my 6th semester exams, topped the university charts. I don’t know, if i made her proud, atleast it’s one of the best things i have done in my life 🙂

I have tried expressing my emotions for her through the following poem. She was a prism through which happiness can be scattered in different wavelengths. Words can’t really describe it all. Yet, an attempt.

Strewn along the spaces of my mind

Are the words you had with me.

Poised your walk, gentle your speech

Simplicity made a remarkable sheen.

Glistening the ambience

With your compassion

Fondling and snuggling

Knowing each child’s streak.

Rugged as a rock or black as coal

Your tender hands

Smoothened all surfaces

Bringing us clean.

A puddle of daily problems

A massacre of life tragedies

Your wand of love

Gusted the filth away.

I question myself

What is it?

That makes you different.

The indulgence, kindness or the thoughtfulness?

It is your soft touch that brought us smiles.

Your warm soul that melted hearts.

The mildness that moulded our brains.

The passion that set new shores.

Enamored with your charisma

I feel so blessed.

Gifted a teacher like you

Removed my life’s stress.

Swept, I was, by cold winds

Torn by the blades of scorn

Grieved by the shades of life

Your words made me strong.

Like the rays of dawn

Penetrating the darkness of night.

Like the wings of a bird

Promising a flight.

Like the scent of a flower

Stimulating my senses.

Like the waves of a sea

Breaking my fences.

Unbound to blood

Unrestricted play of colors.

A timeless connection

That brought me wonders.

29 thoughts on “Mrs Amrita Tiwari- My Torchbearer

  1. Beautifully penned! 🙂 I’m sure she’ll be proud of you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ANooP says:

    Congrats young lady 🙂 It’s not just about the marks that make you special to a teacher, I am sure she will have more reasons than that.

    Cheers! Party time.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dileep Sankhla says:

    I’m glad your teacher made you to look up and you’ve expressed your gratitude to her. I can recall William Arthur Ward lines-

    “The mediocre teacher tells,
    the good teacher explains,
    the superior teacher demonstrates
    and the great teacher inspires.”

    I liked the flow within your attempt just like what your blog’s theme do – dusk-to-dawn 🙂


  4. Fatmawaty says:

    Great poem from a great student to a great teacher! 👍👍👍 It’d be great if she reads it too!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. mihrank says:

    congratulation – well deserved – being a teacher is a blessing – way to go…Ramadan Mubarak and Karim.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. We can never be more thankful to the teachers who shape us and make us who we are. It’s good that you dedicated your words to your sweet teacher and she must be very proud of you 🙂 Your dedication is mighty 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Some people stick with us for a lifetime, if not physically, emotionally they make an impact that we can’t seem to forget, in a good way. That was such a great read, well done! 🙂

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  8. secretivewriter says:

    This is so beautiful.. It reminded me of my teacher.. Thank you for writing this !

    Do drop by my blog and see if you like this 🙂

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  9. aashimash says:

    Beautifully written! You reminded me of my teacher who taught me so much beyond academics. About life and beyond.
    Teaching according to me is one of the most respectful and tough professions. I’m reminded of how in my childhood, every time some one asked me who I wanted to be after growing up, I answered I wanted to be a teacher. Don’t know how life will take turns but then, you get to play a teacher every now and then in different situations. I hope I prove to be as good a teacher as Amrita Ma’am! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Zulfi says:

    It’s deeply written. I love it❤ and Mrs. Amrita Tiwari was my teacher too, in 10th 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  11. writenlive says:

    It is a beautiful poem and a lovely ode to your teacher. Perhaps that is how you were yourself inspired to be a guiding light by being a teacher.


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