Never To Be A Woman Again


She came in this world with a smile
Opened her eyes to people she’d call family
Cuddled, caressed and pampered
By kins.

When she was four
The trail of sacrifices began
Her toy was snatched
To be given to her brother.

When she was seven
She quietened her desire
For the expensive pen
They would call it useless.

When she was eighteen
She wanted to learn science
Unworthy she was proven
Forced into her dislike.

When she was twenty three
She wanted to teach
They found a match
Got her married.

When she was thirty
She yearned to fulfil her dreams
Thrashed by life faces
Shooed away her dreams.

When she was fifty
She knew it won’t make a difference
It won’t come back
It won’t work anymore.

Obediently, she let the funeral of her desires
Take a ride.
Bid them off to never call them again.

She fought , she failed.
She cried, she pained
She dreamed, she drained.

She cursed herself.
Never to be a woman again.

26 thoughts on “Never To Be A Woman Again

  1. Maestro says:

    This is undeniable sadly. Woman is all sacrifice through out her life. Hail women!

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  2. […] Source: Never To Be A Woman Again […]

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  3. Tanya says:

    amazing poem maryam ! heartfelt.

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  4. Imran Ali says:

    We are equal but we are not the same –

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  5. rehmanjafar says:

    Most won’t realize but being yourself is a blessing. It is sad that we humans have been successful at making you(and others) say this. This should be enough for us to just stop and see the damage we have done.
    To me it is not about equality, it is more about humanity and what is right. Would it be right to get someone married against their will? Would it fine to push someone into fire? No, right?

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  6. WOAH….This left me speechless- Their was so much truth in your words. A sad sad reality I wish wasn’t true yet it is. I especially loved the last stanza:
    “She fought , she failed.
    She cried, she pained
    She dreamed, she drained.

    She cursed herself.
    Never to be a woman again.”

    So much emotions crammed into these words. I’m in awe!

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  7. maryam191 says:

    This was one of the random pieces lying in my phone. I am absolutely okay 🙂 All happy! How r u doing?

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  8. jpennerzook says:

    “When she was fifty
    She knew it won’t make a difference
    It won’t come back
    It won’t work anymore.”

    The resignation that saturates these words is bitter. When hope drains from one’s soul, all is lost! My heart breaks. So much needs to change.
    Thank you for illuminating this tragic reality.

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  9. Nishita13 says:

    Women! Another word for a sacrificed life.


  10. maryam191 says:

    Sure it does. But fathers also have a very strong role when it comes to the upbringing of sons. For a reference, i’d request you to get a glimpse of a Pakistani drama- Rehaai

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  11. Imran Ali says:

    Dowry: Less a Feminist Issue than Driving a Car?

    The term Feminism generally invokes the idea of a movement  that is supposed to give attention to all anti-woman practices along with working towards their eradication. The degree of concern may or should vary according to the degree of oppression or the gravity of consequences of a particularly practice. However, if we observe the pattern of feminist outrage, we can see that feminists all over the world are more concerned with the superficial issues like Saudi women’s right to driving, or non-issues like wearing of veil or hijab by Muslim women, etc. but show no concern for as grave a practice as Dowry in India. In India itself, feminists are much more concerned about girls’ right to wear jeans-top, skirts or shorts, to use cell phones, to have boyfriends or love affairs, to have unlimited freedom, etc. All these, no doubt, are a matter of concern, but among all the practices that may amount to gender inequality or gender oppression, Dowry is the most unjustifiable, the most humiliating and the most oppressive one. It is the greatest factor behind girls being treated as a liability in India while boys are treated as an asset, a thought that is being resulted in increasing rates of female feticide in India. It is a matter of concern itself that such a vicious practice is taken so casually that it is hardly discussed on national or international forums organized by women themselves, for women themselves, to discuss the problems of women themselves. The present paper proposes to shed light upon this issue with a focus on the feminist negligence towards it, along with discussing the practical ways towards its elimination.


  12. Harsh reality!
    Nice post 🙂

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  13. Souldiergirl says:

    So deep and powerful.


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