Zenab Khan- My Childhood Pal.

There i was siting idle. Looking plainly at the wall opposite to me. Unknowing of what life would bring to me. It was just a sudden jolting action that brings me to the consciousness that there must be something more than this.

Recalling the good times i have had. The first and foremost thing i am reminded of is my blessed childhood. There’s no way i can stop myself from  this. And when you recall your childhood, it’s your childhood friend who comes to your brain. Bold, caps , italicized her name goes- ZENAB KHAN ! ! !

And my heart and brain together moulds itself to that first day of school, the first hour, first moment with someone. My childhood buddy. I can go ga ga for her the whole day and night and it would still not be enough. yes, that’s how it goes. the only name i recall in times of happiness and sadness. not every relation i have is this special. You are that one dear to me Zenab.

20 years of absolute bliss!! 20 years of pure friendship. 20 years of smiles and laughters. 20 years of all struggles fought. 20 years of happiness and not a single fight. 20 years of love redefined. 20 years of simplicity. 20 years of awesomeness. 20 years of closeness. 20 years of thew wind bringing us closer. 20 years of uncertainty. 20 years of something. 20 years of an unexplained joy. 20 years of a reason-less relationship. 20 years of this undemanded, unquestionable duos.

Guys, these are the incredible 20 years of our FRIENDSHIP.


Every time we were together, it made me forget the sanity of life and jolts me in a world of euphoria, like time has suddenly got it’s reason to smile, like everything has suddenly been brought to halt. like life coming closer, like falling stars from the sky ,Like i am talking not with my mouth but with my heart, like there are no ears listening to me, a heart listens.

Like i know the boundaries of my world. Not once did we fought in these 20 years. When together like everything fell in it’s place. No pain left to be healed, no wounds left to be removed. Like an all new of everything. Close your eyes and this busy world will come to a beautiful; standstill.

Like you can not find a stop to stop the conversation. the river and stream dont stop to flow, inspired by the energy of this bond inspired by the force between elements of this diverse world. Everything coming close like it never did before. Like the emotion got a new color, a new wave of communicating , a new of everything that your eyes can envision.

Thanks for being there 🙂


Pakistani Dramas

What makes these dramas stand apart? Simple stories, spun with proportionate reality, dynamic actors and sound direction turns into an unforgettable entertainment style.
I list here some of them.

1. My ultimately favourite Drama-


Based on Farhat Ishtiaq’s novel of the same name. Mata-e-Jaan means My Life.”
Two Columbia University students of Structural Engineering. Haniya Sajjad and Ibad Uzair met in a class ,when Haniya reached the lecture that was almost over. All in a rush, unmanaged and fussy,  Haniya concentrated on the lecture, unknowing of Ibad silently observing her. Ibad approaches Haniya few times untill she actually accepts the chitchat invitation. Later, it’s shown , how elegantly and cautiously Ibad lets his love for her unfold. Haniya loses her family and falls weak . When ibad takes care of her like a baby. Pampering her in every little way. From making her breakfast to unfailingly bringing her flowers every morning. They get married and go to a heavenly beautiful place for honeymoon. These few days are the best ever days of their lives. Unwrapping a Fairytale.
Ibad’s parents are against Haniya. However, ibad doesn’t let the dignity of his parents fall down nor does he sacrifice Haniya. He perfectly commits to both of the important relationships of his life. He decides to go Pakistan and convince his parents regarding the same where he dies in a road accident.
♥♥What I specifically liked – many say love is eternal, Haniya proves it. Her love for ibad never fades, it grows deeper into her. It makes her strong, it makes her ready for a life ahead . Their love is so strong that after death, Ibad’s presence is felt by Haniya. Vehemently thinking of him, she feels like he exists . This way she gets courage to live her life with positivity.  She’s goes to Pakistan and lives with Ibad’s parents. Winning their hearts, giving them love, filling the void of a deceased son. Intelligently she hides her true profile from them,  fearing rejection. Meanwhile, Ibad’s mother pampers Haniya like a real one.  Haniya fulfils the duty of what ibad would be doing as a son to his parents. She proves her commitment to ibad by establishing a concrete bond with his family. Bringing joy to their lives.
The message it gives-
★★Lovers die.
Love doesn’t★★

Here is the full song of this drama(in urdu). You might find it a little slow. But understand the lyrics. They are BEAUTIFUL !!

Some scenes that I particularly like. .. I still can’t get over them.
You have to watch the drama for the dialogues.

**Ibad proposing Haniya in a very very cute style.



**Ibad surprises Haniya at midnight on her birthday.



**On their short and sweet honeymoon.


**Both wear the same t shirts with the message ” I am crazy about you”. And ibad loudly proclaims ,”I love you Haniya ” on the street.


** a  beautiful morning when ibad brings Flowers for Haniya


2. Zindagi Gulzar Hai


I put it second in my ranking. A drama, that enlightenes a beam of hope to it’s viewers.  Kashaf  , second among three struggling daughters born to a father who disapproved of the girls all his life. And marries another woman for a son. Poised and head strong Kashaf indulges in good education. Reaches the University for her Master’s. Where Zaroon crosses her path. They initially disliked each other, then grew into friendship, then again incongenial terms. Few years after their careers were established, Zaron falls for her. They get into a love-hate relationship. Finally getting married.
What I liked- A woman may be the strongest woman on earth. A go getter, self depend, ambitious , smart and confident. But there is a void in her life. An empty space which only a man dedicated to her would fill. Kashaf has been a Striver all her life, with a very negative approach . Zaroon’s love pacifies her. It brings positivity in her thoughts.  a new angle of merry in her life. She falls weak. Love makes her heart melt. Love makes her realise –
★★Life is a Garden ★★
…….indeed it is 🙂

3. Humsafar

This one is again based on Farhat Ishtiaq’s novel of the same name.
Ashar born to a top-notch family. Khirad is her cousin from a relatively poor background. A mathematics prodigy, hard worker and orphaned, Khirad starts living with her uncle( her mother’s brother) who is now a guardian to her(ashar is his son). As a matter of consequences Ashar and Khirad unwilling get married. Gradually, Ashar falls for Khirad’s charm. When they have just begun their happy married life , a turmoil lurks in. Resulting into hardships for Khirad again. She goes to the point where she started her life from. A school teacher with a little daughter. Later display how their daughter hareem brings separated spouse together again.
♥What I liked- a woman’s outer beauty is not as important as her inner one. Having lost a beautiful married life, and winning it back. The one answer regaining Ashar’s love was the profund chastity of her character. The firmnes of her thoughts and pureness of her soul binds Ashar back to being a loving spouse again. A man judges the inner self of a girl more than her appearance.
★★your life partner is not just a partner, he’s your garment that protects from all seasons of Life★★

3. Durr-e-shahwar  


Now this is a story which all prospective mother-in-law’s would love to watch 😉
Durr-e-shahwar is daughter of a very learned and thoughtful father. Her life was no less than a Fairytale untill the day when she gets married to Mansoor , an army guy from a middle class family. Mansoor lives with his wife as a very dominating husband. Hardly paying any attention to his wife. And everyone in his house feels itchy about the newly wed bride. Dur-e-shehwar faces a very tough time their. She is left carelessly at her in law’s place by her husband. Who never writes her letter or ask about her.
All dreams of this innocent girl are shattered. She continues her life through the strong councelled support of her father. She becomes a mother. When one day, mansoor decides to take his wife and kid with him ,wherever he moves as a matter of job.
As years pass by, mansoor is shown to change himself. Into a caring husband, who’d go miles to get a cheesecake for his wife. But the wounds inflicted by him leave a very strong print on Dur-e-shehwar’s heart. The pain of her past never leaves her. Those memories haunt her throughout her life.
The drama plays in flashback style. When Dur-e-shehwar’s daughter faces marriage crisis, she counsels her daughter reciting her , the dark past of her own married life.
What I liked- even the darkest, insensitive hearts can be transformed by love. Love has a lot of power . Mansoor becomes a changed man, due to Dur-e-shehwar’s tenderness. Had she been a rebellion, she must have never made a place in her husband’s heart.
★★ Love begets Love
Hatred begets hatred★★

4. Dastan

Based on Razia Butt’s urdu novel BANO . Focuses on the era of INDIA-PAKISTAN PARTITION. The revolutionary movements of that time. Bano is the youngest one In  her family and Hassan is a son to a widowed mother. They come from backgrounds with different political approaches. However, they fell in love.

My favorite scenes :


**hassan and Bano on terrace, bano shyly reacting to his love-filled sweet words. Hassan’s strong urdu romantic dialogues took me over.


** hassan silently observes Bano while she is praying. The beauty of her soul leaves him dumbfounded. He can’t really get his eyes off her. He finds her tender like a baby.

They somehow manage to meet often and share moments of bliss.

And the turbulent journey starts. The 1947 period!! Take me seriously guys, no books, movies would have portrayed the suffering of the common man of that time, as is done in this drama. The horrendous reality when watched gave me goosebumps . Hindu-Muslim sect biasing . Recalling some scenes I still shiver.
Bano loses everyone In her family. The women get raped, she gets raped too ( not once, many times), men are brutally killed, houses set afire…. and all the unmentionable atrocities !
All modes of communication are blocked. Relatives don’t get to know of each other. Hassan migrates to Pakistan with his mother. Bano here lives an unpredictable life. Sorrounded by dangers of all sorts . She kept the hope getting Hassan back. Everything has died around her leaving the embellishment of Hassan’s love.
However, life becomes totally unjust to her. She reaches Pakistan and before she could meet hassan, she’s again put to indefinable ugly experiences. Even after she mees hassan, she loses her sanity . At the end, she becomes a fearful insane who is put in jail for murdering a man who tried to rape her. With the span of time, hassan gets married to another girl.
It was a very painful story. Watch it only if you can bear to see the partition era events. They will shake you badly.
♥What I liked- when a woman loves his man, she loves with the energy of every atom of her being. Bano forgot everythng , not Hassan. Her commitment is something to learn from.
What I disliked- how could Hassan ever try to live a life with someone else, knowing Bano’s condition. How could he build a home of joys and laughter when the girl he most loved all his life can’t really be sane . I disapprove of hassan. COMPLETELY!!