Never To Be A Woman Again


She came in this world with a smile
Opened her eyes to people she’d call family
Cuddled, caressed and pampered
By kins.

When she was four
The trail of sacrifices began
Her toy was snatched
To be given to her brother.

When she was seven
She quietened her desire
For the expensive pen
They would call it useless.

When she was eighteen
She wanted to learn science
Unworthy she was proven
Forced into her dislike.

When she was twenty three
She wanted to teach
They found a match
Got her married.

When she was thirty
She yearned to fulfil her dreams
Thrashed by life faces
Shooed away her dreams.

When she was fifty
She knew it won’t make a difference
It won’t come back
It won’t work anymore.

Obediently, she let the funeral of her desires
Take a ride.
Bid them off to never call them again.

She fought , she failed.
She cried, she pained
She dreamed, she drained.

She cursed herself.
Never to be a woman again.


Roses & Thorns


There was a girl unknown in town
Her face placid like a sea
A passionate dreamer was she.

Girls of her age stayed in vogue
Dislike their snob
Moon and stars got her heart throb.

She loved to walk the fields
But they had roses and thorns
Clarity of her choices never made her torn.

Plucking a few roses that captured her heart
Scent, tender petals made them pretty
Thorns lawfully reduced it’s beauty.

Aiming to reach the mountain ahead
To stand at it’s peak
To feel the happiness streak.

Lost in her dreams
She continued her steps
A thorn in her finger crept

It bled, it pained
But she kept her foot firm
To reach her aim, she had to be mum.

A warrior who fights
Wars of emotions unspoken
Injury on her finger was easily forgotten.

Her garden of life
Where she was taking a walk
Had little roses more thorns in stock.

Trained she was
To feel their pain
To reach her dream she would bear the strain.

The moon smiled at her
The stars narrated her tales
The majesty of her hopes would never let her fail.

Her walk is long
The mountain is far
Roses are less, thorns amass.

Life is a garden
Roses are happiness, thorns are painful treads
The dream is to reach for the mountain ahead.

# A Striver
# who believes
# Zindagi Gulzar Hai!!

The Process called Life


''Wo kaghaz ki kashti, wo barish ka pani''

Pinks, purples and all their hues
Lured me to a dream land.
Bling and laughter filled the space
Gloom ceased to occur.

From a sulky little girl
To now a poised woman.
Playing in the sun and breaking a knee
Sheathing from tan now is my strategy.

Blabbering around with tales irrelevant
Silent and thoughtful is the new me.
To transit from what i was to what I am, is not the question
To find the same old laughter is my venture.

Building a home with dolls completing my family
In the plastic kitchen, happiness was cooked.
Stars and moon recited me fairytales
Constellations were a puzzle
Striking the rainbow filled life with all colors.

Life uncovered with unknown angles
Misconfigurations,  misconceptions resulted in commotion.
Shadows of past lingered in my mind
For history that was, now I had a clouded mind.

Fumbling with words
I attempt to define the process called life.
An ordered sequence of events staging obligations
Toddler tantrums, childhood adventures and challenges of womanhood.

Sometimes a low, sometimes a cheer
Lighthouse of gleaming sunshine.
A cranky journey or a playful ride
Adolescence coy and womanhood strifes.

Terrified with snippets of unbearable silence and desolation
My heart overwhelms with sounds of all that’s living.
Chased by weaknesses, Decoding the rules of this game
One day I will conquer this baffling trail.

I have many dreams, to decorate my tomorrow
Faithfully fulfilling my liabilities.
A daughter, a sister, a friend I am today
Future relationships to afix with love and care.

Awaiting my stellar source
That’ll keep me shimmering.
Soaring  towards a better tomorrow
With someone who is
like a diamond in the sky.